Gay Beaches in Fort Lauderdale


Like  Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale has grown up and gotten a lot gayer! All the Gen-X, alcohol-drinking, over-tanned Spring Breakers were pretty much kicked out of Fort Lauderdale in 1986, when the mayor booted  MTV and appeared on Good Morning America, to un-invite college students from coming to town! They were tired of having their town trashed. Lauderdale floundered for a while, trying to get a new identity. As South Beach heated up and prices there started to sky rocket, gays headed north to Fort Lauderdale, where prices were (and still are) on the affordable side.

Sun and ocean! What a combination! Fort Lauderdale is a diver’s paradise with clear water, coral and artificial reefs  to explore. Jet skiing, para-sailing, snorkeling windsurfing, sailing and boating are all available year-round here. And lots of beach choices up and down this coastal line.

Sebastian Street Gay Beach Gay & Lesbian Beach

Fort Lauderdale’s unofficial/official gay beach is  Sebastian Street Gay Beach – located at Sebastian Street and North Fort Lauderdale Beach Dr. (A1-A), Fort Lauderdale. This is the most popular gay beach in Fort Lauderdale and the location is within a few blocks of most of many of Fort Lauderdale’s gay resorts and hotels.  If you’re looking for a landmark, the St. Regis Resort Fort Lauderdale is right across the street. If you are not staying in walking distance, there is $5 parking in a city lot just west of the beach. Lot’s of hotties here in skimpy bathing suits, all oiled up!

18th Street Gay Beach  
Gay and Lesbian Beach

A mile or so to the north of Sebastian is 18th Street Beach, where you’ll find a beach less traveled, but cruisy none-the-less. Located at the intersection of 18th Street and Fort Lauderdale Beach Dr. (A1-A). Located at the North end of Fort Lauderdale Beach. This is a smaller, not as busy beach away from the main crowds. The beach tends to attract more bears and leather men.

Other gay favorite beaches include the unspoiled John U. Lloyd State Park just south of Fort Lauderdale in Dania Beach and  South of the city is the clothing-optional beach at Haulover State Park in North Miami. The gay section of the beach is at the North end. Please note: there are periodic rumors of arrests and raids at the beach. Nude sunbathing is technically illegal in Florida, however it has been tolerated at the north end of Haulover for years.

 The Best of Gay Fort Lauderdale!

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    Best Gay Fort Lauderdale: Gay Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

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