Gay Fort Lauderdale Resources


When you first get to Fort Lauderdale, it’s probably a good idea to pick up one of free local publications, for all the up-to-the-minute current listings.

Gay magazines like HOTspots! (954/928-1862),
The 411 Magazine (954/567-1981) and
Buzz Magazine are  available free at gay clubs, restaurants and retail establishments, with complete club event information.

The Express (954/568-1880) is an informative weekly newspaper from the media group that produces the Washington Blade, NY Blade, etc., and also owns The 411 (above). The monthly glossy magazine She (954/474-0183; has info on happenings in the women’s community.

The Broward Gay & Lesbian Community Center Hotline (954/463-9005) will answer questions and provide referrals.

General tourist information and brochures are available from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (954/765-4466 or 800/22-SUNNY; Enter the Visitors section of the site and click on the Rainbow Travel link on the right to view gay-specific travel-planning information and to order your free 36-page gay guide.

The Rainbow Alliance, organized by the local gay guesthouses, provides travel info on its Web site The Web site is also a handy resource for gay nightlife, events and local updates.

Fallen in love with Ft. Lauderdale? The hip monthly real estate and design mag HOME (954/566-2100; is a well-packaged resource.

The Best of Gay Fort Lauderdale

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