The Grand Resort and Spa named of the 10 Best Gay Owned Spas in U.S.

Fort Lauderdale’s LARGEST gay men’s resort was recently voted one of the 10 Best Gay Owned Spa’s in the U.S. by Out Traveler!

The Grand Resort and Spa  is just steps from the beach and can offer everything from Swedish massage  and body treatments  to  manicures and an excellent hair cut!

A late-2007 spa makeover added extra panache to this already distinguished 33-room gay men’s retreat nestled in a garden of palms and bamboo two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. An equal mix of overnight guests and area day-spa devotees seek out the Grand’s well-trained, friendly staff, who manage a smorgasbord of services such as newly added outdoor cabana massage. Recover from a day on gay Sebastian Street beach (six blocks south) with the Couple’s Escape package, which includes a Swedish massage and Hydrating Facial for two, or prep for a night out in the Wilton Manors gayborhood bars courtesy of the spa’s new full-service hair salon. –  OutTraveler


“Our Spa provides customized and specialty facials, body wraps, body scrubs, massages, manicures and pedicures, waxing, derm-abrasion, and hair styling services.

Our body treatments are done in the European style with products formulated in Europe and the U.S. We offer specialty facials and scrubs and can customize any body treatments to suite our clients needs. Our treatments provide relaxation, rehydration, cell removal, cleansing and polishing to reveal a newer fresher you.”

Their philosophy is simple – provide a wealth of amenities in a laid-back atmoshpere  for both the gay business & leisure traveler to enjoy.

The Grand Resort and Spa
539 North Birch Road        Ft. Lauderdale     phone – 954.630.3000

The Best of Gay Fort Lauderdale

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    Best Gay Fort Lauderdale: The Grand Resort and Spa named of the 10 Best Gay Owned Spas in U.S.

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