Fort Lauderdale Florida AIDS Walk


87,000 Floridians are infected with HIV/AIDS. 
South Florida leads the  nation in new AIDS cases.

SUNDAY  APRIL 27th, 2008
Huizenga Plaza –  Fort lauderdale

Registration Opens 8:00am — 
Opening Ceremony 9:15am — Walk Begins 10:00am

Formerly known as AIDS Walk Ft. Lauderdale, Florida AIDS Walk helps fund the expansion of HIV/AIDS healthcare throughout Florida.  It will also fund testing, prevention and education services right here in Broward County.

Grab your walking shoes and join more than 4,000 other Floridians to put a stop to new HIV infections and to provide care for the people who are now living with HIV/AIDS.  Whether you walk the full 10k route (~6.2 miles), the 5k route or only a few blocks — your participation makes a difference.

GET MORE INFORMATION ONLINE! Volunteer, sponsor, walk, do what you can!

The Best of Gay Fort Lauderdale

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