Stonewall Street Festival Fort Lauderdale June 16-22

Pride of Greater Fort Lauderdale is proud to announce the theme of the Stonewall Street Festival 2008: Sizzling with PrideStonewall Street Festival 2008: Sizzling with Pride! A full week’s worth of events, parties, food and entertainment … and the First Annual Night Parade! Celebrate with us in and around Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale Florida, for the 9th Annual Stonewall Street Festival!


Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters

Over 28,000 people come out to celebrate the diversity of South Florida in Wilton Manors on the famous Wilton Drive from 16th Street to Five Points. Businesses and organizations are represented on the drive to meet with the community to expand both knowledge and relationships. Food, drink, and ample entertainment will be offered all day with the spectacular climax of famed international recording artist Crystal Waters performing on the main stage at 2pm. This is a day of fun and friends that can’t be missed. The street fair starts at 10:00am and ends at 5:00pm. Official closing party sponsorship available. 

    See the complete schedule at the Stonewall site!

The Best of Gay Fort Lauderdale!

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    Best Gay Fort Lauderdale: Stonewall Street Festival Fort Lauderdale June 16-22

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