Dame Edna Brings FIRST LAST TOUR to Gay Fort Lauderdale! March 10-28th


Move over CHER !

Dame Edna continues her own Farewell Tour! 


Good news, possums! Tony Award winner Dame Edna Everage — international housewife, therapist, gigastar, fashion icon, guru and swami — is currently on the road again with her latest touring show.

Dame Edna – Live and Intimate in Her First Last Tour,

Dame Edna Everage is probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today. The widely-loved international home-maker, talk show host, gigastar, fashion icon, swami and most sought-after friend to the rich, famous and royal, is making a return to the United States with what she describes as her First Last Tour.

Everage’s First Last Tour had been scheduled to kick off in January 2008 but was postponed due to illness. Barry Humphries — the 73-year-old creator of the beloved Everage — had suffered complications due to appendix surgery and was ordered to rest for six months. This past fall, the tour started up again and will be in  FORT LAUDERDALE  in  March!

Tuesday, 3/10/2009 –      Saturday, 3/28/2009 
Tickets: $15 – $58                 BUY TICKETS ONLINE     Venue: Parker Playhouse

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