Hot New Swimsuits from Spain – Just inTime for the Gay Beach Season – The ES Collection

Gay Beach Season
is just weeks away!

and if you want something NO ONE ELSE has yet, this hot new line from Barcelona is what you need! 


Previously only available in Spain, it is spreading worldwide this year, but still in limited quantities.

Now going into its fourth  year of production they will be unveiling the 2010  underwear collection this fall in the US. I just got back from Barcelona and bought a couple of the swimsuits from the 2009 collection – VERY HOT! Clean lines, fresh styles, bold color combinations and amazing fit!

This swimwear and underwear for men, is honestly some of the hottest styles we have seen with PERFECT construction and craftsmanship. Made in Barcelona, “ES tries to be unique, different and fresh in a market that is fast and more brands are joining this fast market every day. Made in Barcelona with the best fabrics that we can get from the EU market but still we can be competitive with any other brand out there on quality, price,design and delivery.”


Their designs have a wonderful cut to them, accenting your body perfectly!  I purchased some of  their men’s underwear and men’s swimwear, and they fit comfortable and like a glove!  Many of the swimsuits  features the “Pack Up” system which can easily be removed if aren’t in the mood for extra padding however is perfect for giving you that perfect “beach bulge” if you want it! It does not make your package look HUGE or anything. But it just accentuates your own package nicely and provides a wonderful  smooth fit.

One of the great things about ES Collection Swimwear is the high quality of craftsmanship.  With extras like the metal grommet holes and the plastic tips on the drawstring you’ll never have to “fish” out the drawstring. They also use high quality zippers, rubber logos, and just overall high quality finishing.

Word of advice for  Americans – As for sizing, I would suggest, if ordering from the US, order 1 size larger than usual. Both my partner and I are 32-33″ waist, and would normally buy  Medium – but  their Large fits perfect.  I always find European clothes run smaller than most US brands are labeled.

And who doesn’t love a  SALE!  Each collection features “X” number of pieces in so many sizes. Each year when the new collection is launched, anything that did not sell from the previous collection, is marked down! So when you visit their website ES COLLECTION, make sure you check out the SALE OUTLET.

MUST SEE – VIDEO of the NEWEST ES STYLES and all of their HOT models!

If you are visiting Barcelona, stop by their main store and see the entire collection on display.
Consell de Cent, 218  and right around the corner is ES4U, the outlet store at Casanova, 56!

They also have a shop at 35007 Las Palmas de G.C., Carnary Islands and soon will  have stores in Bilbao, Valencia, and Madrid!
And of course, you can order  worldwide via their ES COLLECTION site!

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    […]Best Gay Fort Lauderdale: Hot New Swimsuits from Spain – Just inTime for the Gay Beach Season – The ES Collection[…]

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    Best Gay Fort Lauderdale: Hot New Swimsuits from Spain – Just inTime for the Gay Beach Season – The ES Collection

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