Cure for HIV is Getting Closer!

Researchers in Texas say they may have found a way to kill the HIV virus. The idea would be used, not only to control the disease for people already infected, but actually prevent infection for anybody who might be at risk!

There is going to be  a  HUGE piece of news released  on  December 1st – World  Aids  Day!

And check this out – Several Actors, performers, comedians, HIV activists, and scientists come together for this  PSA  to show support for Covalent Immunology, and Dr. Sudhir Paul. The Cast includes Lady Bunny, Justin Bond, Ben Andrews, Angie Pontani, Kristen Renton, Thea Gill, Wilson Cruz, The Pixie Harlots, and Hydeia Broadbent.  

$5 is all it takes – lets face it, a cure and vaccine isn’t gonna come from the big pharma, its gonna come from a brilliant scholar/researcher…DR. PAUL!!


END  HIV  Covalent Immunology Foundation


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