GLBT Travelers Take It From ‘Mild To Wild’ In Greater Fort Lauderdale

Greater Fort Lauderdale
has long rolled out the rainbow carpet for GLBT guests, but now “America’s Favorite Gay Resort Town” is offering GLBT travelers the chance take their vacation from “Mild to Wild” with the destination’s latest mobile site.

The new “Mild to Wild” GLBT mobile site is easy to navigate, and lets users select what type of activities they would like to experience in Greater Fort Lauderdale ranging in levels from Mild, Medium to Wild day or night!

The Mild to Wild digital stylist randomly generates morning, afternoon, evening and late-night activities and events, as well as Foursquare deals from participating businesses. Visitors can Play Gay on Greater Fort Lauderdale’s new GLBT mobile site and input their travel dates to customize the Event Calendar, browse GLBT-owned and GLBT-friendly accommodation choices, as well as enter to win a free beach getaway.

“‘Mild to Wild’ is all about coming OUT and enjoying more in Greater Fort Lauderdale, from the waterways, to the great restaurants, shopping and nightlife throughout the area and especially in our ‘Gayborhood’ of Wilton Manors, home to the destination’s largest GLBT population,” said Nicki E. Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We invite all of our GLBT guests to check out the new mobile website, and customize how wild, or mild, they want their next Greater Fort Lauderdale visit to be. Remix as often as you like to get a fresh batch of fun!”

To view the new “Mild to Wild” mobile site and to get more information on GLBT offerings throughout Greater Fort Lauderdale, visit .

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