Great Houses of Florida book is Recognized by Historical Group

The tropical utopia
where the rich and famous
built spectacular winter homes
in years past is now best known as a destination spot for tourists who flock to the theme parks and spectacular beaches of the Sunshine State every year. But there is much more to America’s panhandle than roller coasters and sand: Florida is rich in architectural history, and many of the grand estates built by the privileged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have been meticulously preserved, and are now open to the public.

Great Houses of Florida (Rizzolli 2008)is a collaboration between Beth Dunlop and Joanna Lombard, two architectural experts with a passion for the historically significant homes of their beloved state.

The breathtaking photography of Steven Brooke accompanies the authors’ fascinating stories of the origins of these thirty-nine homes. This illustrated history includes photographs of the opulent interiors and lush gardens, as well as the fascinating back-stories about the architects, landscape artists, and powerful men who made their dream of living in paradise a reality.

THE GREAT HOUSES OF FLORIDA offers visitors to the state an insightful peek into the diverse history of the area, and offers a cultured alternative to the thrills of Disneyworld, and excitement of Miami Beach.

Rizzoli is proud to announce that GREAT HOUSES OF FLORIDA has been recognized by the Board of Trustees of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation’s Awards Jury, who has selected the book for outstanding achievement in the field of preservation education/media. The awards ceremony and reception will be held on Friday, May 20, during the Florida Trust’s 2011 Annual Conference in Central Florida.  The ceremony will be at the First Congregational Church of Winter Park, and the reception will be held at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College and will immediately follow the ceremony.

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  1. That book looks pretty good indeed! The cover is certainly fabulous.

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