LYPSINKA Coming to Sarasota May 9th One Show Only


Sarasota isn’t THAT FAR!
Grab your friends and do not miss this show!

“The Passion of the Crawford”

Lypsinka in “The Passion of the Crawford” appears in Sarasota, Florida at the Asolo Repertory Theatre, Monday, May 9 at 8 pm. This is Lypsinka’s first performance in FL for over 10 years, and the only Lypsinka show currently planned for this area of the country! 

Anyone who’s seen the Mississippi-born John Epperson perform as Lypsinka knows the wonder and magic he produces on stage. His lip-syncing abilities are transcendent, a dazzling blend of comedy, camp and dramatic flourishes.

The Passion of the Crawford has its roots from the late 90’s at Manhattan’s Town Hall, where Epperson tried out an abbreviated version of the Crawford material. It wasn’t until several years later,  that Epperson fully fleshed the show out, performing it first in L.A., and later in San Francisco, where it was an instant hit. But, he adds with a wry laugh, ”Joy Zinoman [the Studio’s artistic director] could dress up as Joan Crawford in San Francisco and have a hit. Anyone could do it. There are so many gay guys that love Joan Crawford in San Francisco, you can’t go wrong.


It bores me that when most drag performers do a Joan Crawford impersonation nowadays, they just do the Mommie Dearest kind of Joan Crawford. She was more complicated than that. There are some people who say that Joan Crawford was one of the nicest people they’ve ever met and there are other people who say she was the biggest bitch they ever met. I think she was probably both in one person. After all, we’re all complicated, we all have different sides. We know she had a dark side — but she also had a lighter side. I think she was deeply misguided in her attitudes about child rearing, but she wasn’t a totally bad person.

I wanted to do a real version of Joan Crawford. Yes, the show is funny, but I wanted to present her as real as possible, as real as you can through the very artificial form of theater that I do. Joan Crawford was one of the most fascinating icons of the 20th century, and when you think about people like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, who were also great metaphorical icons of the 20th century, who were people who embodied the best and worst of the American dream, the three of them, while they were alive, were troubled. We all knew it. It was publicized. You could see it in their appearance, especially Garland and Presley. But Joan Crawford did not die young the way the three of them did. She was at least 70 and we didn’t know about her dark side until after she was dead. Somehow there was an unwritten pact between her and the press. Even though people in the business knew about her troubles with her kids and about her drinking, they never printed it. They sort of respected her somehow. Like the Queen of Hollywood.”

For tickets and more info and to hear the Asolo artistic director
Michael Edwards talk about  Lypsinka go to
The New York Times called this show, “Hilarious! Mesmerizing! Fun!” . Directed by Kevin Malony, “The Passion of the Crawford” also stars Steve Cuiffo. And we’re told the theatre is very nice. We even hear there’s a reception afterwards!



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